Jun 25

This section is dedicated to problem solving! These are some the common legal issue that may arise during your lifetime, hopefully these articles can help you make an informed decision when choosing a lawyer.

  • Civil Law   ( 5 Articles )
    Civil laws are those that deal with the enforcement of the rights of individuals (e.g. laws that deal with families or defamation). Civil lawyers argue for the enforcement of the rights of individuals. Civil lawyers specialize with and deal with legal actions and laws of a civil manner which is to say that they don’t usually do criminal or other types of law.
  • Criminal Law   ( 4 Articles )
    The term criminal law, sometimes called penal law, refers to any of various bodies of rules in different jurisdictions whose common characteristic is the potential for unique and often severe impositions as punishment for failure to comply. Criminal lawyers mostly deal with the crime and they argue for it in the court, they make their client saved.
  • Family Law   ( 2 Articles )
    It deals with laws that relate to marriage, divorce, separation, adoption, guardianship of minors, access to and custody of children, division of property and maintenance payments. Family lawyer mostly argue for the family problems like divorce, marriage and etc….
  • Corporate Law   ( 3 Articles )
    It is also called “company” or “corporations” law. It is the law of the most dominant kind of business enterprise in the modern world. The corporations have corporate lawyers generally for helping the clients make the company, the corporate lawyer mostly deal with the companies and businesses.
  • Real Estate Law   ( 2 Articles )
    It deals with land and property and which related to the land permanently like the construction or the buildings. A real estate lawyer can handle various aspects of land like buying and selling land, agriculture, buildings etc….
  • Misc   ( 6 Articles )